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Fear Of The Dark

A Classic, 16-BIT Survival Horror Tribute · By Juniper Studios


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Version 1.04 Patch Notes
Version 1.04 Completely overhauled the tutorial so now it's easier than ever to jump in and start playing! Added an Easy Mode - start with support items, hidden...
1 file — 1.04
1.01 Weight Puzzle Overhaul!
Hi all, Due to recent feedback I've changed the weight puzzle slightly in the basement so it no longer requires what felt like a degree in maths to solve. It sh...
1 file — 1.01
Launch Bugfixes
hotfix.v26042020-1 Fixed an incorrect if statement which allowed players to enter the library without the Tudor Key. hotfix.v27042020-1 Fixed a random bug which...
3 files — 1.0 hotfix.v27042020-2, 1.0 hotfix.v26042020-1, 1.0 hotfix.v27042020-1
This Weekend's Roadmap
Hi Everyone, Sorry for the delay in a new update - been a bit pre-occupied with Smash! The new script has been written for Chapter IV and I'm currently implemen...
This Weekend's Roadmap (01/12/18)
Hey everyone! Thanks for downloading my beta over the past few days. I've added all the door transfers and rooms in the lab section and fixed the gas level disp...
1 file — 0.1.2b