This Weekend's Roadmap (01/12/18)

Hey everyone!
Thanks for downloading my beta over the past few days.

I've added all the door transfers and rooms in the lab section and fixed the gas level displaying correctly. Most of these rooms have yet to be populated with items and Zombies.
Tomorrow is a big day - there's going to be a surprise when you return out of the basement after you collect the Roman Key and the gas mask to keep you on your toes! Also there's going to be a big cutscene with a few twists. Looking forward to writing it. One of the Code Fragments is going to be moved to the lab section to give it some additional purpose. I think I need to revise some of the dialogue to give some more hints to the fact you need to get the gas mask to go into the lab section. If I have enough time I'll start working on the upstairs office section too. Not long now till the entire School will be mapped out and completed.

Hope everyone's enjoying it so far! 


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Version 0.1.2b Dec 01, 2018

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